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UK mathematician, Clive Humby said in 2006 that, “Data is the new oil.” It may be an overused statement nowadays, but have you heard the rest of the quote? “It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”

Next generation technology can be staggeringly complex. But the simpler it is to use; the more people benefit from it. Carrying some 40% of the world’s mobile traffic, Ericsson enjoys an unrivalled position as the market leader within the mobile networks industry.

Ericsson’s investments in innovation have delivered the benefits of telephony and mobile broadband to billions of people around the world ensuring its solutions – and its customers – are at the forefront of innovation.

New technologies are changing the way we interact globally and communicate with one another, and with the devices and machines that enrich people’s lives, transform industries and create a world of possibilities. The Technologies and New Businesses Unit ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of Ericsson’s core business to identify and invest in future game-changing growth bets by helping the innovators and intrapreneurs test and scale their ideas into viable businesses.


Ericsson is now offering an exciting opportunity for an experienced IP professional to contribute to the company’s vision of becoming the ‘prime driver in an all-communicating world’.

Working for Ericsson means that you will be helping to build technology that makes it simple to connect with information, business, societies, and each other.  In particular, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to be part of the newly created Patent Unit which supports Business area Technologies and New Businesses (BTEB) and research area Security. The patent unit  is primarily based at Ericsson’s site in Kista, Sweden. There is also a strong focus on this Unit to train and develop new patent attorneys for Ericsson.

The successful candidate will have a passion for training others about the profession and/or willingness to work with patents in the area of cybersecurity and/or the intrapreneurial parts of the ICT business. The candidate will be a cornerstone in the new Unit and one of the driving forces for its success.


This is an equal opportunity appointment. Any biased reference in the text is made merely for the sake of brevity and convenience.

The successful candidate is likely to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Master or PhD degree in a relevant technical area such as electronic engineering, applied physics, computer science, and ICT.
  • Be a fully qualified European Patent Attorney.
  • Demonstrate qualities of mentorship, leadership, openness, enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Be an excellent communicator, able to convey information to professionals at all levels and across different business areas.
  • Show commercial awareness and an interest in Ericsson’s technologies and future aims;
  • Possess good organisational, multi-tasking and negotiation skills, be accurate, flexible and able to lead and work within a team.
  • Have a solution-oriented working style, with excellent analytical skills.
  • Be fluent in English as the working language of the company.


If you would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact

Milli Bouri


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