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Ericsson enjoys an unparalleled position as market leader within the mobile networks industry, particularly at the forefront of 5G innovation. Ericsson Technology, implemented in all smartphones worldwide, pushes the boundaries of how we all experience and use technology in our daily lives.

Despite its strong multinational reputation and lofty global ambitions, Ericsson’s headquarters remain in the company’s European birthplace of Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s internal structure also still reflects its fundamental belief in access to communication, as does their accompanying mission: to ensure that emerging opportunities are captured quickly and efficiently with the aim to best meet the needs of customers. This position will play a vital role in ensuring that this mission is achieved.


New technologies are changing the way we interact globally and communicate with one another, and with the devices and machines that enrich our lives, transform industries and create a world of possibilities. The Technologies and New Businesses Unit ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of Ericsson’s core business to identify and invest in future game-changing growth bets by helping the innovators and intrapreneurs test and scale their ideas into viable businesses.

As a Patent Professional within the Patent Unit Kista, the successful candidate’s main responsibilities and tasks will include the following:

  • Mentoring and teaching the new trainees starting a 3-year trainee programme.
  • Providing and overseeing the trainees’ work and ‘on the job’ training. As the trainees settles into the job, they will gradually begin to handle work from different Units of the Business, but as one of their mentors you will remain their first port of call for any day-to-day questions and will continue to be the person they work with most. This arrangement will  give the trainees the benefit of a primary ‘trainer’ in addition to their manager, as they learn the ropes of the profession within the Unit, but at the same time gives them exposure to working with other people, who may have different styles and/or approaches (or just different types of work) to their mentor. As such, your role will be to balance consistency and variety, to give the trainee the best possible environment in which to learn.
  • Establishing a formal mentoring program with two primary goals: to create connections between experienced and more junior attorneys to facilitate information sharing; ensuring that trainees have access to a more experienced attorney’s advice and guidance as they chart a path to success at  the Unit.
  • Identification and protection of patentable inventions. This will involve working in close cooperation with inventors within the R&D organizations within Ericsson.
  • Prosecuting patent applications and patents in several jurisdictions worldwide including.
  • Drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications within the security area and/or the new businesses area.
  • Assessment of the nature and desired extent of patent protection in view of Ericsson’s business.
  • Reviewing Ericsson technologies and services under all patent aspects.
  • Providing advice on validity, relevance and scope of patents.
  • Managing patent portfolios of particular technologies or products.
  • Investigating and supporting licensing and sales opportunities for Ericsson’s patents.
  • Handling or supporting oppositions, appeals, invalidations and litigations.
  • Continuously improve the ways of working with the above responsibilities.


This is an equal opportunity appointment. Any biased reference in the text is made merely for the sake of brevity and convenience.

The successful candidate is likely to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Master or PhD degree in a relevant technical area such as electronic engineering, applied physics, computer science, and ICT.
  • Be a fully qualified European Patent Attorney. Demonstrate qualities of mentorship, leadership, openness, enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Be an excellent communicator, able to convey information to professionals at all levels and across different business areas.
  • Show commercial awareness and an interest in Ericsson’s technologies and future aims;
  • Possess good organisational, multi-tasking and negotiation skills, be accurate, flexible, and able to lead and work within a team.
  • Have a solution-oriented working style, with excellent analytical skills.
  • Be fluent in English as the working language of the company.

If you would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact

Milli Bouri

Partner & Practice Head - M&A Transactions

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