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Reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Giving new life to used metals. Powering the cars of the future. As a global materials and technology group, Umicore apply their specialist knowledge to offer materials and solutions that are essential to everyday life. Umicore aims to be a clear world leader in materials for clean mobility and recycling and have turned its sustainability approach into an even greater competitive advantage.

Umicore’s commitment to creating a sustainable future relies on innovation in all areas of business. As it keeps pushing their boundaries and striving to set new industry standards, embracing advanced technologies has never been more essential. By finding these technologies they can navigate challenges and enhance their capabilities. By sharing different ideas, they can develop new business units or establish new divisions within their organisation. This is where contribution and collaboration are the drivers of real change. Where individual thought is identified, incubated, and nurtured for growth in years to come. There is still so much potential waiting to be unearthed.


Umicore’s Rechargeable Battery Materials help supply the energy people need to experience life as they desire it, wherever and whenever. Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials is an innovative leader in cathode materials used in lithium-ion batteries for electrified transportation, portable electronics, energy storage and power tools. Within these segments they offer a wide portfolio of top quality Cellcore® products for every application.

With innovation at the heart of Umicore’s business, there is a need for an experienced and professional IP team to protect and manage Umicore’s intellectual property rights. Umicore’s Intellectual Property Department employs IP Managers, not just patent attorneys. There is a distinction behind the title used to define Umicore’s IP team – to provide a clear message that the business units are supported by experienced and skilled IP Managers who are given the freedom and autonomy to advise their internal clients on the management of their Intellectual Property rights.

Umicore recognises the value of IP and the contribution’s it provides. In return, the successful candidate will receive some of the most structured career development and professional support available within the industry, values which Umicore believe ensure career longevity.

The role will include educating inventors, acquiring IP rights from invention through to grant, defending Umicore’s IP rights as well as analysing freedom-to-operate studies and opposing to IP rights belonging to third parties. Further to this, directing multidisciplinary IP steering committees as the central governance body for all IP related decisions will also be prevalent in the role.


The successful candidate is likely to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Your technical background will be a master’s or PhD degree in either material science or chemistry.
  • You are a Qualified European and/ or national patent attorney, or you are already in the process to acquire such qualification. What matters most though is your eagerness to learn: if you commit to passing the EQE over time, then Umicore will commit to providing the appropriate internal & external training and time needed for this.
  • Currently you might be working in private practice, seeking new challenges in an industrial environment?
  • Experience with rechargeable battery materials and their application is definitely a plus for this position.
  • Fluency in English is essential as you engage with multiple nationalities across the globe.
  • Needless to say, you are a team player – IP in Umicore is real teamwork involving colleagues from various disciplines.
  • Your communication abilities will be part of your strength as you will be engaged with different people: one day having detailed discussions with engineers and project managers, the next day sitting in a steering committee with business and R&D teams; then again advising on broader IP issues to legal teams involved in joint development agreements.
  • You have excellent negotiation skills to coordinate the decision-making process in IP matters.
  • Authenticity, open-mindedness, respect, and integrity are not just words for you, but part of your very DNA.

If you would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact

Rene Chung

Partner & Practice Head - IP Licensing

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