On Thursday 5th May, the team at Adamson & Partners undertook a special charity walk organised by The Soup Kitchen called ‘Footsteps of the Homeless’, a 4.5 mile walk is designed to give people an idea of what the average rough sleeper has to endure to find food, clothing, safety and shelter each day.

We carried weighted backpacks to replicate the experience of our homeless friends, carrying all of their possessions around with them. Throughout the walk we came across a number of individuals who had fallen upon hard times and had the opportunity to interact with them. We shared food, toiletries, and warm clothing items with those who needed them, but most importantly, we listened to their stories and learned more about them and how they ended up on the streets.

Some made homeless through personal circumstances, and others as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The experience was incredibly humbling for us as a team, as we recognised that it is only a matter of luck and circumstance that any of us are not in their shoes.

We were glad to support this worthy charity and to help others in the community. The experience has not only bonded us as a team, but has given us a deeper understanding of the hardships and loneliness faced on the streets.

About the Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen was established in 1986 as a resource for the homeless, lonely, elderly, and vulnerable in London. They are a secular organisation providing free nutritious meals, clothing, toiletries and a sense of belonging to nearly 150 people each day. They recently launched Europe’s first-ever on-site mental health drop-in centre within a soup kitchen to address their guests’ mental health needs. With the help of hundreds of volunteers each year, the Soup Kitchen aims to provide a nourishing meal in a safe and warm environment that welcomes everyone.

The Soup Kitchen is privately funded and does not receive any government assistance. They depend on a combination of private and corporate donations, grants and trusts to feed & support our homeless friends. For more information on the Soup Kitchen and how to get involved, click here.

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