As we return to our desks (or homeworking spaces) this week, fresh from the holiday period, we should begin to consider the ways we work, internally and externally. As such, we would like to share some of our working practices and values and some tips on how to cultivate a successful business culture in 2022.

Creating a culture of inclusivity and integrity

It is important to cultivate a culture of inclusivity within your employees, regardless of rank or hierarchy. Your employees should feel comfortable sharing new ideas or feedback, as hearing from your employees can help broaden horizons, help awareness and mitigation of issues, and foster better working practices that you may not have considered.

Make it a regular activity (especially if you are working remotely) to speak as a group and ask your employees to contribute their honest and constructive opinions.

Look after your employees’ mental health

As business ramps up during the year, it can be easy for the focus to be directed onto the work, without the full regard for those undertaking it. Ensuring that your staff has ample time to complete projects, without work regularly bleeding into time outside work is important, as allowing staff to “recuperate” properly promotes better productivity over time and reduces the chance of employee burnout or malaise.

For tips on how to look after employee wellbeing, you can read our article here Look after your people and they will look after your business.

Taking the extra time to listen

As a business, we pride ourselves on finding the best candidates for our clients. One of the major ways we support our candidates and clients is simply by taking the extra time to listen to their professional (and personal) needs and find solutions to fit. Asking those extra questions and clarifying information, rather than being quick to make assumptions in conversations, can finish working projects effectively, and build deeper and lasting relationships with your external contacts.

Encourage passion and authenticity

Everyone is passionate about something, whether it be work-related or externally, so celebrate it! Encourage your employees to be their authentic selves at work and take the extra time to discuss their interests and talents. You never know, your employees may have a unique skill (for instance, another language or technical skill) which they could share with your other employees for their personal development and subsequently enhance your business.

Furthermore, recognising your employees for their wider talents and personality will help them feel more valued as part of your business, and therefore more inspired to be more productive and stay within the business.


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