On 19-20 September 2022, we co-hosted our 4th Wiesn IP Forum with Unified Patents. As part of our two-day event, we welcomed over 200 clients to our Wiesn IP Forum at the illustrious Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz (Münchner Künstlerhaus) in Munich, Germany.

The event was an insightful day sharing the latest updates and future trends for the IP industry with senior IP professionals. The first panel was titled, ‘Patent Litigation in Europe – Impact of the UPC‘ and was led by Klaus Haft – Partner, Hoyng Rokh Monegier, Dr. Marco Rau – General Counsel, CureVac, and Adrian Eggen – AGC Patents, Philip Morris International, and moderated by Andreas von Falck – Partner, Hogan Lovells. The panel focused on the incoming Unified Patents Court (UPC) and considered how the formation would lessen litigation and patent complexity, but also considered the potential risk that firms could ‘opt out’ of filing unitary patents, keeping their patents under single country jurisdictions, and further causing more strategic patenting.

The second panel, ‘What’s UPComing? New Developments in the Unified Patent Court‘ further expanded on the UPC, and was led by speakers, Beat Weibel – Chief IP Counsel, Siemens, and Willem Hoyng – Chairman, UPC Advisory Committee, Stefan Luginbühl – Head of European Legal Affairs, EPO, and moderated by John M. Baird – Partner, IP Practice Group, Duane Morris LLP. The panel discussed the benefits of unitary patents, and the UPC, and the consequential challenges that will be faced during their implementation.

The final panel, ‘Standard Essential Patents and Patent Pools‘ featured the speakers, Gabriele Mohsler – VP Patent Development, Ericsson, Clemens Heusch – VP Head of Global Litigation, Nokia, Laurie Fitzgerald – Senior VP, Avanci, Dr. Benno Buehler – VP, Charles River Associates, and Michael Schlögl – Head of IP SEP, Continental Automotive, and was moderated by Tim Pohlmann – CEO, IPLytics. The panel covered the value chain and considered the points in the chain where SEP licensing platforms should offer a license, and how these points differed across different industries. For instance, the telecommunications industry would consider licensing essential at the end device level, whereas the automotive industry considers this the responsibility of suppliers and notes the key role of indemnifications.

We would like to thank all our speakers, sponsors, and guests for joining us for the Forum and look forward to welcoming you all for the next.

Here is a selection of the top photos from the daytime event:

Follow this link to view photos of the Welcome Drinks Reception – 19 September 2022

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