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Adamson & Partners est un cabinet de chasseurs de tête international leader dans les métiers du droit et de la protection de la propriété intellectuelle. Nous mettons nos clients en relation avec des talents exceptionnels à tous les niveaux, du directeur de division, directeur juridique, associés principaux, jusqu’aux avocats récemment qualifiés.

Grâce à notre réseau étendu et exceptionnel de contacts professionnels, nous sommes à même de trouver les candidats d’excellence à des postes à responsabilité dans le domaine juridique et la protection de la propriété intellectuelle (IP) au Royaume-Uni, en Europe et partout dans le monde.

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Qu’est-ce qui nous singularise?

Nous sommes un cabinet de recrutement spécialisé œuvrant uniquement dans les secteurs juridiques et PI. Nous avons une connaissance approfondie de ce marché et sommes des conseillers de confiance, tant pour les clients que pour les candidats. Grâce à notre réseau professionnel mondial, nous connaissons les acteurs clé de nos marchés et nous vous présenterons des candidats de grande valeur avec diligence, professionnalisme et discrétion. Nous sommes fiers de la qualité de notre travail et nous nous engageons sans réserve envers chaque client et lors de chaque mission. Et surtout, nous sommes passionnés par notre métier et sommes fiers de notre réputation d’experts du marché.

Relations clients solides

  • « With a unique understanding of the IP expert landscape and a very personal selection process Adamson & Partner was able to find not only technically excellent candidates but talents which also fit our culture and values. » Michael Kock / Global Head of IP / 2015

  • “I have found Adamsons’ support to be focused and results oriented, and they have undertaken our assignment with the appropriate sense of urgency. I have been very pleased with the comprehensive screening process, and the final candidates have met the qualifications that we have sought.” Matt Goodwin / Chief Patent Counsel / 2010

  • “Adamsons has a wide global network and this was extremely useful in identifying Chinese nationals with international qualifications and experience as candidates for a patent practitioner position in China.” Graham Stuart / Global Head of Patents / 2015

  • “Adamsons have always demonstrated a quick grasp of my needs and organisation culture and given me a good selection of highly relevant candidates. In this specialist field they are reliably the best.” Catherine Calow / HR Director / 2015

  • “All the candidate searches that UCB carried out with Adamsons collaboration lead to the recruitment of outstanding professionals. These excellent results go beyond the depth of the Adamsons excellent network. They also have a deep understanding of the IP function. » Stephane Drouin / VP of IP / 2015

  • « I have been working with Adamson & Partners for about 13 years and I am very happy to recommend this firm. I have worked with Adamson & Partners first as a candidate for potential jobs in Europe but also later as a client. It has been a pleasure to work with this firm and in particular with Rene. » Didier Patry / Chief IP Counsel EMEA / 2015

  • “Our work with Adamsons aims to attract superior and proven talents to join us. We are thrilled to see how fast concrete results are being delivered. The team at Adamsons has a unique and well proven network in the IP industry and it’s a pleasure to work with them.” Anders Havstam / CEO / 2015

  • « I enjoyed the way of working with you not only because you have an excellent understanding of the specific needs of IP professionals but also because especially of your personal enthusiasm and passion to work on joint projects even when things go difficult. As our company is having a very international footprint I appreciate Adamson & Partners capability to recruit transnational beyond national borders, which is still quite unusual in the business of IP professionals. » Wulf Höflich / Vice-President, Technology Licensing / 2015

  • « Over the years we have worked with Adamsons, we have seen our Relationship Partner, Milli Bouri, develop into someone whose instincts and insights we value and are confident to rely on during any recruitment process she is leading. » Sarah Dixon / Director of Patents & Licensing / 2015

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