The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a leading global expert in filtration technology. Founded in 1941 and headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the company employs circa 22,000 individuals across 80 locations.

MANN+HUMMEL maintains a strong brand name in the automotive sector. However, the Group wishes to establish its position as a leader in filtration across other sectors internationally, in particular the Asia Pacific region, and creates technologies and solutions that meet local demands.

The company opened its Global Industrial IoT Lab in Singapore in October 2016 focusing on the future-oriented development of intelligent, networked solutions in the area of filtration. The company’s decision to invest in the digitalisation of advanced cleantech technologies, especially that of an industrial scale, comes at an apt time when the region is grappling with the consequences of air and water pollution.

As the IP teams were based in Europe and the US, MANN+HUMMEL did not have any in-house IP support locally in Singapore and the company recognised the need to establish its first IP department in Asia to support the innovation and growth. The company, therefore, mandated Adamson & Partners to assist with the appointment of two IP Managers, to support the growth of the Digitalization & IoT business unit and the Life Science & Environment business unit. These roles were to be based in Singapore with global responsibility for creating and developing effective IP protection for the Group’s products, services, and solutions.


MANN+HUMMEL required the candidates to possess global IP knowledge and experience, as well as the personality and cultural sensitivity to communicate and collaborate with the wider global teams, and in addition, it is equally important for the successful candidates to integrate effectively into the Asia Pacific Headquarters. As such, MANN+HUMMEL was interested in considering both local and global IP talent, and the company was prepared to support relocation for suitable candidates.


With extensive experience recruiting IP professionals in Singapore and across Asia, Adamson & Partner already has an established network of local candidates in the region. We were therefore able to map the market in a timely manner and promptly engage with qualified local talent in Singapore who meet the client’s requirements and possess international experience.

Since Singapore has a relatively small talent pool with only 200+ qualified Patent Agents, our strategy was to approach all of these suitable candidates, and those who received their IP qualifications in the US or Europe but having already relocated to Singapore, as well as expatriate talent originated from Singapore but are currently working in other parts of the world.


Through our network and targeted proactive search efforts, we were able to produce a shortlist of six excellent candidates with a diverse range of backgrounds that fit the MANN+HUMMEL’s requirements for each role.

After thorough interviews, the client selected a worthy candidate for each position. The chosen candidates are already based in Singapore, with experience working internationally and knowledge of IP in Singapore, Europe, and the US.

Working with Adamson & Partners has enabled MANN+HUMMEL to choose from the best talent in the industry while mitigating the challenges and costs of candidate relocation.

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