Many businesses are using M&A Transactions as a key part of their global growth strategy, which allows them to bring established reputation and expertise into their business, without opting for organic growth.

Adamson & Partners has an extensive and reputable network across the IP and Legal sectors. We know our clients and are often the first to hear about new opportunities. We can connect you with the best opportunities on a confidential basis and ensure you find the right fit for your strategic goals.

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Our Approach to M&A Transactions

  • Tailored Research

    We will work with you to establish the key goals you wish to achieve from your merger. From this we will then select potential partners for discussion before approaching.

  • Confidential Pitches

    Once a shortlist is agreed, we will arrange meetings with target firms. Following the signature of a non-disclosure agreement, we will present the benefits of the merger to a select group of interested firms.

  • Facilitate and Connect

    We keep in close contact with both sides to maintain momentum with your deal by keeping regular meetings and clear communication. We understand that momentum is vital to any merger, and work hard behind the scenes to eliminate issues, answer questions, and ensure a successful and satisfactory process.

  • Post-Merger Integration

    Even once the transaction is complete, we remain on hand and work with the merged firm for as long as necessary to support the ongoing integration, ensure all parties are achieving their merger goals, and ensuring the process is a success.

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