Contributing to inclusive workplaces

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is becoming increasingly important in the IP and Legal world. In order to maximise productivity and retention, as well as potential and growth, companies and law practices need to widen their talent pools and search across the market.

Adamson & Partners has a deep understanding of the Legal and IP sectors and has one of the largest talent pools of professionals in these areas. This allows us to assess the market widely and remove bias from our recruitment and advisory processes.

We advise leaders in some of the leading brands on how to cultivate inclusive and diverse cultures, and in turn, provide unique talent sets from all walks of life. Through this, our clients can create long lasting cultures where employees can work to their best.

What value can Adamson & Partners add?

As your executive search partner, we understand the important role we play as your executive search partner in ensuring that the talent we offer is diverse and possesses unique skills that will enhance your business.

We believe that encouraging diversity in recruitment practices comes from within. Our firm is built on DE&I values, and we lay these foundations in our team structure, with our equity partners displaying a 50:50 female to male ratio, as well diversity in cultural backgrounds and nationalities. The diversity of our firm ensures that we remain vigilant of unconscious bias and helps us offer diversity in our candidate selection.

As a result, our process of selection is irrespective of gender, age, race, nationality, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and we stand against all forms of unfair and unlawful discrimination.

As a business, we are committed in our allyship to DE&I and the communities it champions. To demonstrate this, we have signed the IP Inclusive Charter, supporting inclusivity and fairness in the IP community.

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