Proven track record

We understand the Intellectual Property (IP) market intimately and have carried out thousands of successful assignments for some of the biggest companies and law firms in the world. We are known for our professionalism and integrity and are trusted time and again to deliver for our clients.

Our talent network includes senior intellectual property roles, Chief of IP, Patent Attorneys, Trade Mark Attorneys, IP Solicitors, IP Managers, IP Solicitors, Our industry clients retain us for senior hires, complex cross-border roles, confidential searches, and in IP for lateral hires, M&A transactions, and team moves.

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IP specialists

With more than 30 years’ IP experience we are able to handle the most challenging of briefs. We recruit at all levels from Heads of Department and Senior Partners through to newly-qualified roles. Our expertise includes patent and trademark attorneys and IP litigators as well as IP licensing, commercialisation, sales and strategy positions. We are also specialists in team moves and M&A, as well as talent mapping and pipelining.

European Focus

  • Benelux

    Our Benelux practice is led by Rene Chung, who works with a large number of industry clients across all sectors as well as a small and select group of patent law firms in the region.

    One of the key challenges facing employers is the limited local talent pool. There are less than 1,000 qualified European Patent Attorneys across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and our pan-European search capability is therefore of great benefit to our clients – especially with the innovation drive of local enterprises and the growing number of international businesses choosing to locate their European HQ there.

  • France

    Our French practice is led by Christopher Adamson (Senior Partner) and supported by Christine Adamson (Consultant). Both are bilingual and support industry clients across all sectors, as well as a select pool of IP law firms. Christopher and Christine use their international knowledge to bring the best people to their clients – whether French nationals or European Patent Attorneys with multinational experience – to broaden and strengthen their employer’s Intellectual Property assets

  • Germany

    Within Germany our practice is led by Julian Adamson, who works with private practice clients in Munich and industry clients across the country. With just under 4,000 qualified European Patent Attorneys within its borders, Germany remains the largest talent pool of qualified patent professionals in Europe. Furthermore, given the breadth of industries and technologies within Germany, ranging from the automobilindustrie to the zementindustrie, all technical disciplines within the profession are well-represented. Adamson & Partners has every one of these European and German Patent Attorneys on our database, coded by a variety of criteria, including career history, IP qualifications and technical background.

  • Nordic

    Our Nordic practice is led by Julian Adamson, who works with a variety of industry and private practice clients. Given the unique and relationship driven nature of this market, a comprehensive knowledge of the talent pool and Scandinavian culture is essential. Whilst there are a great deal of patent professionals who are nationally qualified, there remains a dearth of European-qualified patent attorneys within the region. Moreover, IP professionals are typically more hesitant to relocate than in other jurisdictions. Consequently a comprehensive search of the market is imperative to find the right candidate.

  • Switzerland

    Rene Chung is responsible for the Swiss market with a primary focus on industry clients. This jurisdiction is unique within Europe, having the most diverse and multicultural IP workforce. In addition, companies in Switzerland typically have specific and differing language requirements depending on the company’s heritage and its operational needs. The local candidate market is small with only 5% of qualified European patent attorneys based there, of which only a third are Swiss nationals. The high density of industry clients drives a huge demand for talented local and foreign IP professionals. Rene is well-versed in managing pan-European searches for these clients to identify local talent, as well as relocating qualified individuals from other jurisdictions.

  • UK

    Our UK Practice is led by Milli Bouri, who has over 15 years’ experience in IP recruitment. We work with in-house departments, patent and trademark firms, IP sales & strategy and an increasing number of law firms looking to build patent prosecution teams. The UK IP market continues to thrive, with demand for high-quality candidates for both private practice and industry roles outstripping supply. With decades of experience in the market, we are attuned to these challenges and able to utilise our wide network of candidate relationships to discuss opportunities in person, something that is critical in driving candidate engagement.

Global coverage

Decades of experience in recruiting senior IP positions around the world has allowed us to develop an unrivalled global network of long-lasting relationships with IP professionals. We are experts in cross-border recruitment and are able to utilise our network to introduce relevant candidates to you quickly, professionally and discreetly. With all 40,000 registered US Patent Attorneys in our system, as well as high-calibre IP professionals with multinational experience in China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, we are regularly retained to conduct international search assignments recruiting highly-specialised talent in the IP sector and relocating them across Europe, US, and Asia-Pacific. We also assist businesses that are establishing an IP presence in new territories, whether it be via local recruitment or motivating foreign IP professionals to relocate.

delivering excellence

The IP market has a limited talent pool with very few candidates actively pursuing new roles, which can make it a real challenge to recruit the right person. Our search methodology has been refined over several decades, and coupled with our candidate network allows us to engage the best talent in the market. We are fully committed to each client and to completing each assignment successfully and efficiently. Our success depends on our reputation, which has been built on a track record of consistently delivering exceptional results.

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